Creating a Girls Princess Theme Bed With Purple

Purple is definitely the new Pink. It has become the favored hue of many girls and teens today. Darker shades of purple like Byzantium, Regalia, Byzantine have been demonstrated to become a favorite only amongst teens and adults.

Young girls are already told like the lighter shades of purple for example lilac, lavender and wisteria. But this is not true! Times have changed and girls are liking the two darker and lighter shades of the color at the same time. Some kids love this color because it’s related to magic.

Magic magicians in magazines and movies are acknowledged to wear purple robes and pointed hats. Some of the robes worn by the actors inside famous Harry Potter, are the ideal illustration of this. Dark shades of purple are associated more with magic than the lighter shades.

Purple can also be considered to be a royalty color. Many years ago, this color was very expensive to produce and just the rich had the privilege of getting it. Only kings and emperors were known to wear purple robes. This color was even a well liked of Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra.

That’s why you could possibly see many princess toys, bedding and decor while using color purple. Pink isn’t exactly a royalty color for some nonetheless it has been used along with purple to produce a princess-themed bedroom. Gold is a royalty color and has been used to create this bedroom theme also. Both purple and gold look great together.

Tip: A solid gold or purple bedding set might still supply for the bed if you aren’t willing to pay some extra cash for any princess-themed bedding set. Always throw in a couple of decorative pillows and a bed ruffle on the bed.

These extra bedding essentials will not only complete the look in the bed however it will add a supplementary touch of royalty towards the bedroom. Ruffles for the trim with the bedding and pillows is often a great option for this particular bedroom theme.

Also, canopy beds have a royal feel about them. Don’t have enough money for any canopy bed? Create the illusion of a canopy bed by simply installing 4 hooks on both ends with the ceiling in places you would such as the fabric to hang. Place curtain rings onto the hooks and drape long swags of light sheer curtains over the selected rings. Finally, let the curtains to fall to the floor and vuala! A beautiful canopy bed made for any princess.